For upgrading “Terminal Astafiev” the principal investments will be objected to:

  • Mooring rebuilding which means dredging, enhancing of warrantable mooring load and broadening of runways
  • Ecological safety which suggests starting sewage disposal plants, implementing effective dust control, installing protective screen in the port perimeter, forming on-site laboratory of water and air monitoring, coal storage in warehousing
  • Railway enlarging which represents the constructing of extra railways stretching for four klms and the availability of on-site mini-station for 150 carloads with double truck placement
  • Port enlarging which implies the obtaining and assembling of hi-tech conveyers of 2 klms, the efficiency of car dumper under1400 th. tons per hour, refreezing facility for 20 carloads, 2 shiploaded facilities with productivity 3500 th. per hour
  • The constructing of fractionized switching dislocation which signifies the obtaining and installing of fractionized facility and magnetic spacer and the constructing of hi-tech storage reservoir with 200 th. tons capacity for various coal types contemporaneously