“Terminal Astafiev” being new-built venture and being dynamically in progress not only parlays for expanding business activity but following business-like and historical traditions.

Exactly the company was named in honor by Russian Empire navy ship navigator “America” Yakov Astafyev.

The corvette crew “America” came for ever into the history discovering in June 18, 1859 for the Russians the bay Nakhodka with situated now cognominal town-port.

Aboriginals are proud of the fact Nakhodka was mapped in June 1859 a year earlier than pa foundation Vladivostok.

The eastern Nakhodka bay mouth cape was discovered and mapped as Mys Astafyev in 1859.

Intermodal “Terminal Astafiev” operates on ice-free bay Mys Astafyev and is situated at the traffic intersection incorporated Russia and APR countries.

The venture specialization is dry terminalling.

Practically started with nothing the venture has achieved the greatest productive indices at the shortest time.

“Terminal Astafiev” has already terminal led 1,5 mln. coal tons annually for the last one and a half year. Today the terminal has stated as independent operator for export coal terminalling to APR countries providing competitive services.