Project on upgrading intermodal “Terminal Astafiev” presents the governmental concernment.

The implementation of such grand infrastructure project is provided by the Russian upgrowth coal industry Program till 2030.

The primary right of the Program is to expand export coal supplies to Asian-Pacific countries.

The Russian president Mr.Putin particularly underlined the state intentionally was about to assist the branch development and more over “to enlarge the capacity of transport and logistic infrastructure at sole-propriety and governmental partnership in order for Russian companies to appear in the new-built and promising production distribution markets”.

Investment project on upgrading intermodal “Terminal Astafiev” is to be interested also as growing-point for Primorye region.

The project actualization will advance the investment region rating, boost the Nakhodka status as one of the most important Russian port and assist the incentives for dynamic upgrading of 10 ports operating in Nakhodka such as “Terminal Astafiev”, “Evraz”, “Nakhodkensky Fishing port”, “BAMF” (“Base of active marine fishing”), PLC Primorsky venture and others.

Significant social effect will echo in new working positions, in increasing the taxes in all budgets, in refining the living standards.

Amplitudinous and governmental importance objectives would be determined by simultaneous upgrowth both terminal and transport infrastructure. Undoubtedly the important thing is the participation of PLC “RRW” (Russian Railways) for implementing the upgrading project “Terminal Astafiev” in constructing the second principal railway in sector Nakhodka - Mys Astafyev. Twice as many as better for 6-12 mln tons annually against operating today carrying capacity would be increased in the station Nakhodka implementing new 20 railway klms.